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Alex Alampounti

Research Fellow, Biophysics, UCL

I am a physicist by training spanning various topics of the field. I studied at Swansea University for my MPhys where I worked on theoretical physics with a focus on what is known AdS/CFT theory, one of the most mathematically beautiful theories trying to bridge the theories of gravity and quantum field theory.

Wanting a more rounded undertaning I undertook a lot of experimental work eventually leading to a scholarship at CERN to work in their anti-matter facility creating anti-Hydrogen. Despite my interest in theoretical physics, I pursued my PhD in experimental atomic and molecular physics with a focus on optical nanofibre applications with a unique state of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate.

My work there gave me the unique opportunity to work with a world-leading group in Durham University in the fabrication of ultracold molecules following various techniques. The method I like the most being the assembly of molecules using an atom-by-atom approach using optical tweezers. The sheer simplicity of the idea and its ramifications are ground breaking to me.

Currently I am working at UCL as a bio-physicist to pursue a near decade-old desire to work with chaotic and nonlinear, dynamical systems. I am currently working to understand the origin of the naturally occuring self-sustained oscillations observed only in male mosquitos as we believe it might be the key to understanding mosquito communication. This work could lead to new methods to combat mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, but also lto new technologies for the hearing-impaired.


  • –present
    Research Fellow, UCL


  • 2019 
    Swansea University, PhD - Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics