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Research Fellow, Genetics, Evolution & Environment Division of Biosciences, UCL

My research seeks to understand the mechanisms underpinning the major patterns observed in biodiversity at large spatial, temporal and taxonomic scales, such as why different places on the surface of the Earth hold different number of species, why diversity varies across the tree of life, and why some species are so rare while others are so common. To do this my research takes two approaches. First, develop new computational and mathematical models to train our intuition of the patterns expected under particular processes and second, apply these models to large empirical datasets on species phylogenetic relationships, geographic distributions, and functional traits to reveal the mechanisms generating these patterns. To date my research has focussed on terrestrial vertebrates, and in particular birds where the wealth of information available on species phylogenetic relationships, traits and geographic distributions, offers enormous opportunities to advance our understanding of how biodiversity is formed and will change over the coming decades.


  • –present
    Research Fellow Genetics, Evolution & Environment Div of Biosciences, UCL