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Research Associate in the College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University

I am an evolutionary biologist and palaeontologist, interested in early vertebrates. This means I study fish and tetrapods (the first terrestrial vertebrates), and in particular the changes that occurred in their bodies over deep geological time. This spectacular transition is arguably the greatest step in evolution, and occurred close to 400 million years ago, in a time Period known as the Devonian.

I enjoy working on spectacular 3D fossils as well as studying the animals that live today to answer questions about vertebrate evolution. I use modern scanning and imaging techniques (such as CT and synchrotron imaging) to uncover deep mysteries of the past, and better understand our very own evolutionary history. I hold a particular interest in palaeoneurology (the science of fossil brains).

More information about me, my research and outreach can be found at:


  • –present
    Research Associate in the School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University


  • 2012 
    Australian National University, PhD (Palaeontology)