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Genomic Epidemiologist, University of Sydney

Dr Alicia Arnott is a Genomic Epidemiologist with NSW Health Pathology and Research Affiliate with the University of Sydney. Dr Arnott completed a PhD in Microbiology in 2009 before commencing postdoctoral positions at the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia, the Burnet and Walter and Eliza Hall Institutes in Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. Her career focus has been the molecular epidemiology of pathogens of public health importance, including HIV, respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncitial virus (RSV), malaria and enteric bacteria. In 2016, she completed the Masters of Applied Epidemiology (MAE) program in order to transition to an active role in the public health investigation of infectious diseases. Her current focus is the integration of genomics into the public health response to COVID-19 in NSW.


  • 2019–present
    Genomic Epidemiologist, NSW Health Pathology
  • 2016–present
    Research Affiliate, University of Sydney