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Associate Professor in Horticultural Science, University of Tasmania

Dr Alistair Gracie obtained his PhD in horticultural science from the University of Tasmania in 2002. Since then he worked as a post-doctoral research fellow (2002-2005) and as a lecturer (2005-present). In 2005, he was awarded an Australian Agricultural Industries Young Innovators and Scientists award by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Bureau of Rural Sciences. Within the School of Agricultural Science he has successfully supervised or co-supervised 12 Honours and 10 Research Higher Degree research projects. He has also been a chief investigator or associate investigator of 24 successful research grant applications and he oversees a research program that partners extensively with local industry to deliver economic benefits through greater understanding of scientific processes.

Research Areas
Dr Gracie's research focus lies largely within vegetable crop agronomy and physiology; however he also undertakes research on a broad range of cool-temperate horticultural crops cultivated in Tasmania. His research has included: physiological disorders in fruit and vegetables; limitations to yield in industrial crops poppies and pyrethrum; and limitations to yield and quality of hybrid vegetable seed and Eucalyptus globulus seed. His core research areas are:
Vegetable and industrial crop physiology and agronomy
Seed ecology, biology and production


  • 2018–2018
    Associate Professor in Horticultural Science , University of Tasmania
  • 2010–2018
    Senior Lecturer in Horticultural Science, University of Tasmania