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University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania generates powerful and unique ideas and knowledge for the benefit of our island and the world. Through excellent research and teaching, we strive to stimulate economic growth, lift literacy, improve health outcomes for Tasmania and nurture our environment as it nurtures us.


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Revisão sistemática de estudos identifica o “efeito 20ºC”, que pode ajudar a explicar não só como a temperatura influencia nos ecossistemas e sua evolução como as possíveis estratégias das espécies para se adaptarem às mudanças climáticas Getty Images

Temperatura ideal para a vida na Terra parece ser de 20°C, mas aquecimento global pode acabar com nosso conforto

O “efeito 20°C” pode nos dar novas pistas sobre como a temperatura controla os ecossistemas e influencia a evolução, além de como as espécies podem se adaptar às mudanças climáticas

Indigenous fathers help build stronger communities. Here’s how we can better support them

First Nations fathers are too often the subject of negative, often untrue stereotypes. We analysed data from around 150 dads about what they needed. Here’s what they said.

What will you read on the beach this summer? We asked 6 avid readers

What do professional readers choose to read on holiday? The answers include romance fiction, science-fiction classics, a French detective, Japanese assassins … and War and Peace.

The science of the ideal salad dressing

There is a large energy cost to breaking apart and mixing the water and oil layers. The secret to blending them is to add an extra ingredient known as a ‘surfactant’ or emulsifier, like mustard.


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