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PhD Candidate in Conservation Biology, UCL

Alix Green has a background in marine conservation and science having completed an MSc in Aquatic Resource Management from King’s College, London. After completing her MSc, she worked for a marine conservation NGO in the Philippines where she supported the local government in their marine conservation objectives. Here she developed a keen interest in how scientific data can help support conservation and management of marine ecosystems.

She completed her PhD at the Department of Geography, University College London with Peter Jones, and King's College, London with Michael Chadwick, where her research related to the conservation and ecology of seagrass ecosystems. Her PhD focused on the carbon storage capacity of seagrass habitats in the UK, and the assessment of environmental pressures which affect seagrasses in the UK. She worked collaboratively with Richard Unsworth at Swansea University, and the Community Seagrass Initiative, of the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. Her findings provided the first assessment of carbon stocks in UK waters, evidence of the deleterious impact of anchoring on carbon stocks, and widespread recent and historic declines in seagrass areal extend throughout the UK.