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Amanda M Franklin

Doctoral Candidate, Tufts University

I've always loved the ocean, so it was only natural that I would study marine science during my undergraduate degree. Since then, I have sought out any opportunity to work in marine science. This has included working in marine departments at Parks Victoria, Museum Victoria and 3CR (community radio) as well as completing a Masters in marine science and animal behavior.

I began my Masters degree in 2010 at the University of Melbourne. Here I designed a research project to investigate costs of mating in the Southern dumpling squid. I discovered that mating is energetically costly and a single mating can reduce female lifespan. This project prepared me for my PhD as it was a behavioral study that involved fieldwork and lab work.

Currently, I am a Fulbright Science and Technology fellow completing my PhD at Tufts University. For my dissertation, I will be researching communication and reproductive behaviors in mantis shrimp. I intend to research this in multiple species of mantis shrimp and investigate different facets of visual communication (e.g. visible light, UV light, polarized light).


  • 2011–2012
    Marine Ranger Intern, Parks Victoria
  • 2010–2010
    Research Assistant, The University of Melbourne
  • 2009–2009
    Chemistry Laboratory Technician, Silliker Australia
  • 2008–2008
    Marine Biology Intern, Museum Victoria


  • 2011 
    The University of Melbourne, Master of Science
  • 2008 
    The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science


  • 2012
    The energetic cost of mating in a promiscuous cephalopod, Biology Letters
  • 2008
    A new species in the genus Ophiomyxa from South-west Australian waters (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Ophiomyxidae), Memoirs of Museum Victoria


Fulbright Science and Technology Award