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Amina Youssef-Shalala

Dr Amina Youssef-Shalala is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Arts at the Australian Catholic University in Strathfield, Sydney. Amina is a secondary school teacher in human society and its environment, economics and business studies. Awarded the University Medal in Education for her research in general problem solving at the University of New South Wales, Amina has a keen interest in investigating the use of problem-solving strategies within the secondary school classroom across different learning areas. Her research has found that when novice learners are presented with an unfamiliar problem, using a general problem-solving strategy such as means-ends analysis can be effective. Amina has published in the Journal of Educational Psychology: Applied and Applied Cognitive Psychology. Academics in the field of cognitive science regard her research to be cutting edge, which has potential to have a large impact on teaching and learning.


  • –present
    Lecturer, Australian Catholic University