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Residents of the outer suburbs like the green spaces and sense of community, but lament the lack of access to transport and other services. theskaman306/Shutterstock

Living ‘liveable’: this is what residents have to say about life on the urban fringe

Much of the growth in our cities is in the outer suburbs, now home to around 5 million people. And that creates problems like traffic that detract from the advantages residents see in living there.
Out of 13 recommendations in the Regions at the Ready report, the government has accepted only five without reservation. Shutterstock

How big ideas for regional Australia were given short shrift

After waiting eight months for the government response to a major report on regional Australia, the outcome has been underwhelming, sticking to the same old ideas.
Di Australia, kebanyakan perempuan tidak melaporkan kekerasan seksual yang dialaminya di tempat kerja bahkan ketika kekerasan tersebut telah melewati batas kewajaran.

Perempuan tidak melapor ketika dilecehkan di kantor karena tidak ada yang mendengar mereka

Kebanyakan perempuan tidak melaporkan pelecehan seksual yang dialaminya di tempat kerja. Mereka takut akan menunjukkan reaksi berlebihan yang malah mengancam keberlangsungan karirnya
Il existe des liens entre l'amitié et la réussite, scolaire ou sociale. Shutterstock

Ecole primaire : comment aider un enfant à se faire des amis

Se faire des amis n’est pas toujours si évident pour les enfants. Voici quelques conseils pour les parents et enseignants qui veulent les aider à poser les bases d’une vie sociale épanouie.
The last four decades in Iran have been marked by internal tension due to its political system, which combines theocratic and republican elements. from

Forty years on from the Iranian Revolution, could the country be at risk of another one?

Reformers have tried to modernise Iran for decades but have failed mainly due to the country's powerful theocracy. And then there are those who want to overthrow the regime altogether.
Gifted students learn faster than their peers.

How to identify, understand and teach gifted children

Gifted students have the potential to be our future Einsteins. But they will only do this if we support them to learn in an appropriate way.
Parental role-modelling, encouragement and seeking support from the school can help make the awkward bits of making friends as a teen easier.

Adolescence can be awkward. Here’s how parents can help their child make and maintain good friendships

Navigating friendships as a teen can be hard. Parents can help by modelling good behaviour and making sure their teen feels they can talk to them about their friendships.

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