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PhD Student, Behavioural Ecology, Bangor University

My research background is in behavioural ecology, with an interest in how animals respond to changes in their environment and the implications this has for conservation. Following completion of an MSc in Conservation & Biodiversity from the University of Exeter, I began studying for my PhD at Bangor University in 2018, funded by the Envision Doctoral Training Programme (NERC). My PhD focuses on linking the behaviour of an expanding population of fallow deer (Dama dama) to their effects on woodlands in the Elwy Valley, North Wales. The aim of the project is to establish how deer woodland occupancy is influenced by habitat structure and resource availability. Deer occupancy data will come from camera traps, while terrestrial laser scans, tree stand surveys and ground flora surveys will provide information on habitat structure and seasonal resources. Additionally, seasonal dietary analysis will be carried out to investigate how diet composition varies throughout the year and whether this is linked to seasonal variation in resource availability and diversity.