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Échouage en masse de gobicéphales sur une plage de Nouvelle-Zélande, le 11 février 2017. Marty Melville/AFP

Comment expliquer les échouages massifs de cétacés ?

Erreurs de navigation, perturbations humaines, comportement de groupe... Les causes sont multiples pour rendre compte du mystère de ces échouages de baleines et de dauphins sur les rivages.
Dominic Ongwen, a senior commander in the Lord’s Resistance Army, in a court room in The Hague. Reuters/Peter Dejong

Child victim or brutal warlord? ICC weighs the fate of Dominic Ongwen

Criminal responsibility is a question of answerability; it declares certain actions to be wrong and calls those who are accused of having perpetrated such wrongs to answer for their actions.
Whitespotted surgeonfish (Acanthurus guttatus), found in the Indo-Pacific, crop the upper portion of algae while feeding, preventing macroalgae from becoming established on reefs. Kevin Lino/NOAA

Understanding the conditions that foster coral reefs’ caretaker fishes

Plant-eating fish control the spread of seaweed and algae on coral reefs. New research explaining why populations of these fish vary from site to site could lead to better reef protection strategies.

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