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Professor in Physical Oceanography, Bangor University

Research Interests

My primary research is on modelling changes in the global and regional tides in the past, present, and future oceans. This includes looking at how the tidal energy is lost and how the subsequent mixing generated by the tides is distributed in the ocean. As an application I investigate how changes of the global tides affect the climate controlling overturning circulation under different scenarios, and how changes in the shelf-sea tides can affect the open ocean tides.
I also work with observations and theoretical analysis on ocean turbulence, internal waves, and mixing in shelf seas in order to improve our understanding of how the ocean is mixed, and how we can improve ocean models to better replicate the mixing. One connection of this work is to investigate how the physics control biogeochemical processes, especially primary production at the shelf break, and how these have changed as the tides change over long time-scales.
My previous research includes the dynamics of strait flows, especially flow resistance mechanisms and hydraulic controls, and the coupling between strait flows and basin water dynamics in fjords and semi-enclosed seas.


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer in Physical Oceanography, Bangor University