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Anders Bach-Mortensen

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Social Policy, University of Oxford

I am a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, a Carlsberg Foundation fellow at the Roskilde School of Governance, Roskilde University, and a Research affiliate at The Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP), Sciences Po, Paris. My research focuses on the outsourcing and marketisation of social care for both adults and children, and I specialise in improving the documentation of this development. In addition, I regularly provide methodological expertise on systematic reviews investigating a range of topics.

Recent publications include:

Bach-Mortensen, A. M., Goodair, B., & Barlow, J. (2023). For-profit outsourcing and its effects on placement stability and locality for children in care in England, 2011–2022: A longitudinal ecological analysis. Child Abuse & Neglect, 106245.

Betthaeuser, B.A., Bach-Mortensen, A.M., Engzell, P. (2023) A systematic review and meta-analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on learning. Nature Human Behaviour.

Bach-Mortensen, A. M., Goodair, B., & Barlow, J. (2022). Outsourcing and children's social care: A longitudinal analysis of inspection outcomes among English children's homes and local authorities. Social Science & Medicine, 115323.

*McGuire, J., *Kaiser, C., & *Bach-Mortensen, A. M. (2022). A systematic review and meta-analysis of the impact of cash transfers on subjective well-being and mental health in low-and middle-income countries. Nature Human Behaviour.

Pantelic, M., Steinert, J.I., Ayala, G., Sprague, L., Chang, J., Thomas, R.M., Nininahazwe, C., Caswell, G., Bach‐Mortensen, A. M. & Bourne, A. (2022). Addressing epistemic injustice in HIV research: a call for reporting guidelines on meaningful community engagement." Journal of the International AIDS Society.

Bach-Mortensen, A. M., Goodair, B., Murray, H., Carter, E., Briggs, E., & O’Higgins, A. (2022). Are local authorities achieving effective market stewardship for children’s social care services? A synthesis of sufficiency strategies for children in care in England. What Works for Children’s Social Care.


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    Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Oxford


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    University of Oxford, Social policy