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Senior Research Fellow, South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, Flinders University

I work across disciplines, having originally started off as a sociologist working in urban and regional economics, then moving into social policy and welfare activation research and evaluation before returning to labour market, social and economic study via risk sociology and behavioural economics. If pushed, I'd say my specialist knowledge is in youth studies and 'active ageing', but I also have a sociological interest in workplace management, including the interaction between workplace cultures and employee attitudes and behaviour inside and outside the workplace. I have worked in survey design, and use quantitative and qualitative research methods, including meta-analysis and systematic reviews.

Investigator with:

Public Engagement in Science in Technology Adelaide (PESTA) -

National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London -

FACTAGE - Fairer Active Ageing for Europe -

MOPACT - Mobilising the potential of active ageing in Europe -


  • –present
    Senior Research Fellow, South Australian Centre for Economic Studies , University of Adelaide