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Professor of Regional Political Economy, University of Glasgow

Professor Andrew Cumbers is Professor in Regional Political Economy at the Adam Smith Business School. He has received a BA (University of Wales) and a PhD (University of Durham). Before moving to Glasgow, Andrew worked at the Universities of Durham, Middlesex and Aberdeen as a researcher, lecturer in labour and economic geography. He was formerly Professor of Geographical Political Economy at the University of Glasgow.

His research interests include economic geography, urban and regional development, public ownership, economic democracy and employment relations. He has written extensively on the problems and the prospects for a more democratic and egalitarian economy and society. He is currently working on a five-year project (GLOBALMUN) funded by the European Research Council; exploring the phenomenon of global remunicipalisation, a trend for the deprivatisation of local public services. He recently completed an Economic and Social Research Council project to create an Economic Democracy Index. His book The Case for Economic Democracy was published in March 2020.

His book Reclaiming Public Ownership (Zed) won the 2015 Gunnar Myrdal Prize for Evolutionary Political Economy.


  • 2013–present
    Professor in Regional Political Economy, University of Glasgow


2015 Gunnar Myrdal Prize for Contributions to Political Economy