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Chief Research Officer, Kenya Medical Research Institute

‎CHIEF RESEARCH OFFICER at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).

Andrew Githeko PhD is a medical entomologist trained at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He has been working on malaria for the last 28 years and has focused on the ecology of the vectors and the disease. In recent years he has focused on the effects of climate and environmental change on malaria in the Western Kenya Highlands. He has established a Climate and Human Health Research Unit which has received funding from NIH, IDRC, USAID, WHO and several other funding agencies. Dr. Githeko has been a UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scientist since 1998 and has co-authored three of its reports. He was an expert and reviewer for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA). His current work includes modeling malaria epidemics, changing immune response to malaria, effects of topography and hydrology to malaria epidemiology, effects of land use change on malaria, control of malaria vectors by house modification and ecological modification of swamps. He is also identifying barriers and gaps in the national malaria control programs.

University of Liverpool
MSc, PhD, Medical Parasitology and Entomology

University of Nairobi
BSc, Chemistry Zoology


  • –present
    Medical entomologist, Kenya Medical Research Institute