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Angel M. Kennedy

PhD Student, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Angel Kennedy's research aims to produce evidence useful for consolidating strategies to combat climate change dis/misinformation through youth driven grounded hope-based climate change communication, and strengthen youth’s resilience in the onslaught of dis/misinformation. It aims to develop a deeper understanding of where and how dis/mis/information about the climate crisis is being communicated and how it is impacting youth’s sense of the future; and identify pathways for changing how we communicate about the climate crisis, reflecting the importance of grounded hope.

Angel is a Research Manager for the Research for Eco-Social and Equitable Transformation (RESET) Team at Simon Fraser University (SFU), the coordinating Early Career Representative and Secretariat for Ecohealth International, a research associate for the Environment, Community, Health Observatory (ECHO) Network, and a research assistant for the REAFFIRM Collaborative at the Center for Gender and Sexual Health Equity and the BC Alliance for Monitoring Mental Health Equity. She received a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from SFU in 2019, where she also received a Master of Public Health degree in April 2021. As a Research Manager for the Research for Eco-Social and Equitable Transformation (RESET) team, and a PhD student at SFU, Angel is involved in various projects at the nexus of social and ecological determinants of health and youth's mental health. The RESET Team has community-based participatory action projects underway addressing climate change communication and mis/disinformation, intergenerational justice, and the use of art to develop resilience in equity deserving school-aged children impacted by climate change.


  • 2018–present
    Research Manager, Simon Fraser University (Research for EcoSocial and Equitable Transformation [RESET] Team)
  • 2018–present
    Research Assistant, Environment, Community Health Observatory (ECHO) Network
  • 2021–2022
    Research Assistant, The REAFFIRM Collaborative
  • 2021–2021
    Research Assistant, BC Alliance for Monitoring Mental Health Equity


    Simon Fraser University, PhD in Health Sciences
  • 2021 
    Simon Fraser University, Master of Public Health
  • 2019 
    Simon Fraser University, BSc in Population and Quantitative Health Sciences