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Angeliki Lymberopoulou

Lecturer in History of Art, The Open University

Angeliki Lymberopoulou joined the Open University in April 2004 from the National Gallery in London, where she worked across the collections as a Dossiers Assistant. She has also taught Modern Greek language and culture at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and Byzantine art and architecture at the University of Birmingham.

Her research interests focus on Venetian Crete (1211-1669), particularly the artistic production (i.e. icons and wall paintings), the demand (i.e. market), its social context (i.e. the artists and their hybrid clientele), and the cross-cultural influences between Byzantine East and (mainly Italian) West.

She also examines late – Palaiologan – Byzantine art (1261-1453) produced in the major artistic centres during the last phase of the empire – Constantinople, Thessaloniki and Mystras.


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    Lecturer in History of Art, The Open University