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During my studies of Physical Geography and by a series of accidental turns I became fascinated to investigate how coastal environments have changed in the past. I'm particularly interested in processes that shape and modify coastal landscapes over a variety of length and time scales and the coupling and feedback between such processes, their rates, and their relative roles, especially in the contexts of variation in climatic and tectonic influences and in light of changes due to human impact:

Understanding past and modern marine physical natural hazards such as tsunamis and storms
The development of long-term records of tsunamis/cyclones from geological and biological proxy evidence as well as historical documentary records
Exploring linkages between Late Quaternary climate and landscape change focusing on past sea level and response of coastal ecosystems, particularly coral reefs
Quaternary geochronology based on ESR and U-series dating and multi-proxy study of corals
Geomythology (pairs geological evidence of catastrophic events and reports of such events encoded into the mythological lexicon of ancient societies)


  • –present
    Professor, Southern Cross University