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Southern Cross University is a contemporary and connected regional research university, with remarkable campus locations - Coffs Harbour and Lismore in New South Wales and the uniquely situated Gold Coast Airport campus in southern Queensland. Our regional environs provide living laboratories for learning and research and creative hubs for artistic endeavour. Southern Cross University has a growing research profile, with 24 research areas identified ‘at or above world standard’ in the most recent Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) national evaluation. Our research strengths include disciplines as diverse as plant genetics, zoology, geoscience, oceanography, engineering, nursing, and complementary and alternative medicine.


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Cantar aumenta el control de la respiración y la capacidad pulmonar, puede mejorar la salud y libera la hormona de la felicidad. Mai Lam/The Conversation NY-BD-CC

La mayoría podemos aprender a cantar

Cantar mejora el control de la respiración y la capacidad pulmonar, libera oxitocina (la hormona de la felicidad), levanta el ánimo, reduce el dolor, y hasta puede mejorar el sistema inmunológico.
A low sense of belonging is associated with negative behaviours including misbehaviour, drug and alcohol use at school, violence and dropping out of school. Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Teachers play a key role in helping students feel they ‘belong’ at school

When students feel accepted and respected by their teachers and peers, they will actively engage in academic and non-academic activities.
Most people with low back pain aren’t getting the most effective treatment. from

The guidelines on low back pain are clear: drugs and surgery should be the last resort

A recent series on low back pain by the global medical journal The Lancet shows doctors often overlook recommended treatments, such as advice to stay active and to exercise.

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