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Professor, School of Communication & Creative Arts, Deakin University

Ann McCulloch is a Professor of Literary Studies at Deakin University. She teaches in diverse areas of literary production including literature and its philosophical contexts; the relationship between text & Images and she looks at ways in which art and literature can represent otherwise inexpressible conditions whether 'depression'; the experiences of trauma in wars and issues related to environmental ethics. Ann McCulloch has written widely on the history and philosophy of literature and the Arts; Tragic Theory; Biography; Australian Literature and Arts Discourse. She is the Executive Editor of the international on-line journal Double Dialogues ( and co-ordinates with the double dialogues co-editors international conference annually. McCulloch is author of '' Dance of the Nomad: A Study of A. D. Hope Notebooks' (Pandanus Press, 2006; E/ANU Press, 2010) and ' A Tragic Vision: The Novels of Patrick White' (Q.U.P Press, 1983). Ann McCulloch has made a series of six documentary films on A. D. Hope ( 'The Dance of Language', Deakin University Press) and two further documentaries on 'The Aesthetic Perceptions of Climate Change'. Her interest in the creative arts includes the writing and production of twelve theatrical performances including three plays. She is currently working with Dr. R. A. Goodrich on two books: 'Nietzsche and Australian Writers' and a book on Christina Stead and on a third book with with Dr. Pavlina Radia: 'The Hunger artist: Food and the Arts' (Cambride Scholars Press) which is a compilation of essays from writers who originally presented their work at the Double Dialogues conference at the University of Toronto (2009). McCulloch has drawn attention to and acted on the ways literary studies contributes to new knowledge in an environment where terrorism, trans-national migration, ecological sustainability and economic globalisation takes place. These historical and political movements, particularly since 9/11, have impacted on critical writings about literary texts and new kinds of literary texts. The new unit she constructed in 2009 ( The Literature of War), for example, deals specifically with these issues.


  • 1985–present
    Professor of Literary Studies, Deakin University


  • 1986 
    Australian National University, PhD. Literary Studies.


  • 2010
    Dance of the Nomad: A Study of the Selected Notebooks of A. D. Hope, Pandanus Press, 2006; E/ANU Press, 2010
  • 2006
    'Depression and its Expression', International Journal of the Humanities, vol 3, no. 7, 2006
  • 2003
    'Life Begins on the Other Side of Despair: Depression and Sartre', Double Dialogues, Issue 4, Art&Pain, Winter, 2003
  • 1996
    The Dance of Language, Deakin University,
  • 1983
    A Tragic Vision: The Novels of Patrick White, U.Q.P, St Lucia, 1983

Grants and Contracts

  • 2012
    The Hunger Artist: Food & the Arts
    Co-Editor with Dr. Pavlina Radia
    Funding Source:
    Cambridge Scholars Press
  • 2011
    Aesthetic Perceptions of Climate Change
    Documentary Maker with Alan Woodruff
    Funding Source:
    CMII, Deakin University


2010; 2011 Awards for Excellence in Teaching
1998: Vice Chancellor's award for Outstanding Achievement
1986: A Harold White Fellowship at The National Library of Australia
1981: ANU Scholarship