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Deakin University was established in 1974 and combines a university’s traditional focus on excellent teaching and research with a desire to seek new ways of developing and delivering courses.


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This wooden dish from Broome, pre-1892, was made by Yawuru people, collected by police and later presented by the Commissioner of Police, Colonel Phillips, to the WA Museum. Courtesy of the WA museum

Friday essay: 5 museum objects that tell a story of colonialism and its legacy

A spear-thrower, a shell, a bowl, a vase, a bucket. Five very different items tell us much about the history of collecting, the role of Indigenous experts and the shadow of colonial violence.
Pengunjuk rasa yang tergabung dalam Komite Perjuangan Perempuan (KPP) Yogyakarta melakukan aksi di kawasan Tugu Pal Putih, Yogyakarta. ANTARA FOTO/Hendra Nurdiyansyah/aww/16.

Bagaimana jurnalis perempuan memperjuangkan kesetaraan gender: antara jurnalisme dan advokasi

Penelitian dua tahun kami menunjukkan bagaimana penulis dan jurnalis perempuan menggunakan platform daring untuk terlibat dalam aktivisme gender, dan bagaimana cara mereka menghadapi tantangan dan kesempatan yang ada melalui media digital.
A protester wears a mask of the late Marsinah at a rally demanding justice for the female labour activist who was killed during the rule of Indonesia’s New Order government. ANTARA FOTO/Hendra Nurdiyansyah/aww/16.

How Indonesian female journalists take part in gender activism: the line between journalism and advocacy

Our two-year study explores how female writers and journalists use online platforms to engage in gender activism, and how they navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with digital media.


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