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Deakin University

Deakin University was established in 1974 and combines a university’s traditional focus on excellent teaching and research with a desire to seek new ways of developing and delivering courses.


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Trop souvent, la recherche médicale privilégie les individus masculins pour ses études. Pour des raisons historiques… et de simplicité au niveau biologique. Studio Romantic / Shutterstock

Pourquoi la recherche médicale gagnerait à inclure plus de femmes dans ses protocoles

Homme-femme, mode d’emploi… différent ? La recherche médicale se focalise encore trop souvent sur le premier, pour des raisons de simplicité. Mais au détriment des deux sexes. Décryptage.
People who fled the war in Tigray gather around in a temporarily built internally displaced people. Amanuel Sileshi/AFP via Getty Images

How conflict has made COVID-19 a neglected epidemic in Ethiopia

The biggest challenge to the health system is the war in Tigray and other insecurity all over the country. Conflict has made COVID-19 prevention and vaccination efforts impossible in many areas.

Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis — yet the NSW government just allowed it

Under a new code, rural landholders in NSW will be allowed to clear up to 25 metres of land outside their property boundary. This will be devastating for the wildlife that live or migrate there.
Xu Chang/Xinhua via GettyImages

How big companies are targeting middle income countries to boost ultra-processed food sales

Big Food companies producing ulta-processed foods are using a range of key market and political practices to increase their reach, particularly in developing countries.


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