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Anne Mwiti is an accomplished artist living in Nairobi, Kenya and lecturing at the Department of Fine Art and Design, Kenyatta University.
Anne's artworks are creations influenced by the contemporary world of magazine pop culture, the African society she has grown in and renown artists such as Andy Warhol, Henri Mattisse, El Anastsui, Chris Ofili, Mark Rothko to name a few and psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. She started drawing at the age of five having scribbled a female figure like an Egyptian princess. Since then she has followed her dream to become an internationally recognized artists from Africa and emerged as the winner in the World Citizen Artist competition 2014 to be awarded the WCA award 2014 in London with the artwork, "A Stitch in Time" that was exhibited for three months at the National Museums of Kenya, from 26th July-26th September 2015.
Her art is continually evolving through experimentation that creates dynamism that is fun and spontaneous as well as thought provoking. She achieves her objectives through the use of diverse themes, techniques, media and styles.


  • 1996–present
    Lecturer, Kenyatta University