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Lecturer in Food Security, University of Stirling

I am a physicist by background with interests in the mathematical modelling and simulation of complex systems. I completed a PhD in condensed matter physics at Loughborough university while working as a consultant specialising in collateral and credit risk management for top tier banks. I have also several years experience in the software development industry with applications in energy and transport.
Prior to taking up my current position of lecturer in Aquatic Food Security and Sustainability, I completed several years of postdoctoral research in the Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health in the University of Glasgow investigating the transmission dynamics of bovine Tuberculosis within the UK.

My interests lie in emergent phenomenon in complex many-body interacting systems, especially how simple competitive models give rise to rich phase diagrams. Understanding how these phases arise is critical to controlling the behaviour of these systems.
My current research is in game theoretic techniques to model dynamic interacting systems with complicated payoffs and strategy profiles that might exists, for example, in diverse farming systems or epidemiological control.


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    Lecturer in Food Security, University of Stirling