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António Benjamim Mapossa

Postdoctoral fellow in UP Institute for Sustainable Malaria Control (UP ISMC), University of Pretoria

António Benjamim Mapossa was associated with the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Pretoria. He completed his PhD studies in the Institute of Applied Materials. At the University of Pretoria, he followed a research program in Chemical and polymer technology. The polymer technology research is affiliated to the UP Institute for Sustainable Malaria Control (UP ISMC). Mapossa’s core research is in field of Advanced and Applied Materials that covers various topics. His research on Chemical and Polymer Technology focuses on the use of clay nanoparticles as polymer additives and controlled release of repellents and insecticides from polymer matrices. A highlight in this research was to the development of new product concepts for preventing outdoor malaria transmission. His ideas led to the design of long-life anklets or bracelets. These incorporate effective mosquito repellents in nanostructured polymer matrices. The target was to cost- effectively repel mosquitoes for an extended period. Besides his skill in Chemical and Polymer Technology, he has also experience in nanomaterials, specifically in the area of magnetic nanomaterials, area of interest that includes structure, processing, and nanomaterials properties. Benjamim is extremely self-driven, as supported by several papers authored by him. Up to this date more than 10 articles were reviewed in last 2 years by him in the different Journals.


  • –present
    Postdoctoral fellow in Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria