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Aonghus McNabola

Associate Professor in Civil and Structural Engineering, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. McNabola is a graduate of the School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, obtaining his Degree in Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering in 2002. He subsequently worked in Engineering Consultancy for 2 years as a Civil & Environmental Engineer. Following on from this he carried out a PhD at Trinity College Dublin, graduating in 2008. The subject of his research was in air pollution measurement and CFD modelling of commuter traffic in Dublin.

He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at TCD on air pollution control prior to being appointed as an Assistant Professor in energy and environment in the Dept of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, TCD. Since his appointment Dr. McNabola has continued his research work in the fields of air pollution and CFD analysis, focusing on many aspects such as: air pollution control device development, health impacts, emissions modelling, exposure assessment and modelling. He has also expanded his work into the area of energy efficiency in water systems including projects on energy recovery in the water industry and energy recovery in buildings.

His research interests include: the application of CFD analysis to engineering problems such as air pollution dispersion, fluid structure interactions, water-energy devices (hydropower/energy recovery); the study of air pollution exposure and its impact on human health; and the recovery of energy in urban water systems. He is also active in the field of third level education research.

Dr. McNabola currently leads a group of 4 PhD students and 6 postdocs and is involved in a number of national and international collaborative projects, funded by Horizon 2020, INTERREG ERDF, and the EPA. Dr. McNabola also acts as a College Tutor and is a member of the Quality Committee. He is the Director of the MSc in Engineering Course at Trinity and is engaged in the teaching of fluid dynamics and environmental engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate level.