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Honorary Research Fellow in History, University of Glasgow

As a historian, I’m curious about where we came from, how we got here and what made us the way we are. My main area of interest is integration of immigrants and their descendants into western European societies during the modern era.

At present, I research attitudes to immigrants in Great Britain between 1921 and 2021 and the language used to put these feelings into words. In this study I apply a linguistic historical approach to throw new light on past events and developments.

I’m also interested in the subject of Jewish resistance to the Holocaust and a member of the forum Jews Saving Jews at the Faculty of Jewish Studies of Bar-Ilan University. My latest book is on individuals and small groups in Jewish resistance in the Netherlands.

My work on these subjects has been acknowledged through an appointment as Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Humanities of the University of Glasgow.


  • 2006–present
    Honorary Research Fellow in History, University of Glasgow


  • 1993 
    University of Glasgow, PhD
  • 1985 
    University of Amsterdam, Graduated


  • 2022
    Individuals and Small Groups in Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust. A Case Study of a Young Couple and their Friends, London / New York, Anthem Press
  • 2021
    From Tangier to Locarno: The Experience of War in Nottingham and Language Use in Local Newspapers, 1905-1925, Midland History, volume 46
  • 2021
    Changes in Attitudes to Immigrants in Britain, 1841-1921. From Foreigner to Alien, London / New York, Anthem Press
  • 2017
    Living with the enemy: German immigrants in Nottingham during the First World War, Midland History, volume 42
  • 2013
    This cannot happen here. Integration and Jewish resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press (Studies of the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies)
  • 2012
    Open Windows: Jewish Refugee Artists in Scotland during the Twentieth Century, Immigrants & Minorities, volume 30
  • 2012
    The influence of immigration on the growth, urban concentration and composition of the Scottish population 1841-1911, Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, volume 32
  • 2009
    Within Our Gates: A New Perspective on Germans in Glasgow during the First World War, Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, volume 29
  • 2007
    Jews in Glasgow 1879-1939. Immigration and Integration, London, Vallentine Mitchell
  • 2003
    The trial of Oscar Slater (1909) and anti-Jewish prejudices in Edwardian Glasgow, History, volume 88