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Associate Professor, School of Education, Flinders University

Ben is a sociologist within the School of Education, Flinders University. He teaches about social change, globalisation and cultural relations in Education, in developing and developed contexts.

His main research interest is militarism in Australia. The overarching concern is civil military relations: how do we maintain the integrity of the civil military divide in a changing world. This also extends to the militarisation of schooling and curriculum.

His research covers military msculinities and whiteness within Australian militarism. He is currently developing the field of military criminology from Flinders University.

Ben also work on the history of camouflage and its adaption to the field of discourse and cultural politics.

Ben is a member of the Australian Sociological Association (TASA) and the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacekeeping Veterans Association (APPVA).


  • 1999–present
    Senior lecturer, Flinders University
  • 1995–1999
    Policy Officer, SA Health Commission and DECS
  • 1987–1992
    Private Infantry and Corporal MP, Australian Regular Army


  • 2007 
    Flinders University, Graduate Certificate in Public Policy
  • 2002 
    Flinders University, PhD Sociology
  • 1997 
    Flinders University, BA Hons


  • 2013
    Brotherhood: Homosociality, Totality and Military Subjectivity, Australian Feminist Studies Journal
  • 2013
    What Does the White Man Want? What Australian Masculinities and Aboriginal Reconciliation, Lambert Publishing
  • 2012
    Sociology, the Military and Civil-Military Relations: an under-explored field, TASA
  • 2012
    The Pact: Sex Skype and the Bonds of Men, Citizenship and Globalisation Research Papers
  • 2011
    Cultural Camouflage: The ADF on Trouble in the Ranks, TASA
  • 2009
    Camouflage: how the visual arts and sociology make sense of the military, TASA
  • 2007
    Culture and Education, Pearson Australia
  • 2007
    Whose Reconciliation? Conservative white Australian masculinities and their struggle for white Australia, Intersections: Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Australasian Studies
  • 2005
    (Un)masking hegemony: militarism, white masculinity and the logic of contemporary empire, International Journal of Critical Psychology
  • 2004
    What is whiteness? Authenticity, dominance, identity, Placing Race and Locating Whiteness
  • 2004
    Mogan Hunts and Pig Nights: The Making of the Arms Corps Soldier, TASA
  • 2002
    What does the white man want?: white masculinities and aboriginal reconciliation, Manning the Millennium

Research Areas

  • Sociology (1608)
  • Defence Studies (160604)
  • Culture, Gender, Sexuality (200205)


Defence Services Medal