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Bennett Bertenthal

Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University

I am the James H. Rudy Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University. My research focuses on the origins, development, and basic processing mechanisms involved in social attention, self-regulation, social interaction, and decision making. These complex behaviors are multi-determined and require analysis at multiple time scales with a diverse set of tools including eye tracking, motion analysis, neuroimaging (EEG, fNIRS), physiological measures (ECG, pupillometry), observational coding, and online studies. Current projects include the temporal dynamics of joint attention, the development of infants’ physiological and behavioral emotion regulation, the origins and early development of predictive processing during social interactions, the functional implications of neural and behavioral synchrony, and real-world decision making involving photo sharing, secure vs. insecure websites, and face GANS (generative adversarial networks). Most of these projects are highly collaborative and involve developmental, social, cognitive, and computer scientists.


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    Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University


James H. Rudy Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, AAAS Fellow, former dean of The College of Arts & Sciences, Indiana University. former assistant director for Social and Behavioral Sciences, National Science Foundation, James McKeen Cattell Sabatical Award, NIH Early Career Award, Boyd McCandless Young Scientist Award