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Indiana University

Founded in 1820, Indiana University is one of the world’s foremost public institutions. With more than 112,000 students and 19,000 employees statewide, IU continues to pursue its core missions of education and research while building a foundation for the university’s enduring strengths in teaching and learning, world-class scholarship, innovation, creative activity, community engagement and academic freedom. Bloomington is the flagship campus of the university, and each one of IU’s seven campuses is an accredited, four-year degree-granting institution.


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Warning labels seem like a good way to keep kids from sharing risky photos, but research data suggests otherwise. Clover No.7 Photography/Moment via Getty Images

Could Apple’s child safety feature backfire? New research shows warnings can increase risky sharing

Studies about warning labels aimed at protecting privacy raise red flags about Apple’s efforts to keep kids from sharing sexually explicit material.
Forced from their homes by fighting between the Taliban and Afghan government forces, thousands of families seek refuge in a Kabul park. Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Afghans’ lives and livelihoods upended even more as US occupation ends

When the US invaded Afghanistan in late 2001, Afghans had endured 22 years of war. The Taliban were on the rise. Little has changed after an additional 20 years of war and suffering.
President Vladimir Putin addresses his United Russia party at its June 2021 convention, where members convened to choose candidates and draft a strategy for the country’s upcoming election. Grigory Sysoyev\TASS via Getty Images

Vladimir Putin plans to win Russia’s parliamentary election no matter how unpopular his party is

Despite a 27% approval rating, Putin’s United Russia party can maintain its legislative majority in September through manipulation and fraud, says an expert on Russian elections.
Democrats and Republicans in Congress have asked sharp questions of social media CEOs as lawmakers consider changes to landmark internet legislation. Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

What is Section 230? An expert on internet law and regulation explains the legislation that paved the way for Facebook, Google and Twitter

A terse piece of legislation from 1996 has been credited with creating the internet as we know it – and blamed for the flood of misinformation and other ills that have come with it.
Containers of the herbicide glyphosate at a farm supply store in northeast Thailand in 2019. AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit

While debate rages over glyphosate-based herbicides, farmers are spraying them all over the world

Roundup may be taking a beating in the US, where three juries have concluded that it gave plaintiffs cancer, but it's still widely used around the globe.
Alexander Lukashenko, el líder autoritario de Bielorrusia, nunca ha reconocido la amenaza del COVID-19. Andrei Stasevich\TASS via Getty Images

5 mandatarios reprobados en manejo de la pandemia

Estos líderes, en mayor o menor medida, subestimaron la gravedad de la pandemia – con consecuencias mortales.
El presidente de Bielorrusia, Alexander Lukashenko, sin máscarilla, visita un hospital de Minsk para pacientes del covid-19, el 27 de noviembre de 2020. Andrei Stasevich\TASS vía Getty Images

Covid-19: Los cinco líderes que peor han gestionado la pandemia

La pandemia aún no ha terminado, pero estos líderes mundiales ya han ocupado su lugar en la historia por no haber combatido eficazmente el mortal coronavirus. Algunos de ellos ni siquiera lo intentaron.
Le président biélorusse Alexandre Loukachenko, sans masque, visite un hôpital pour les patients atteints de la Covid-19, à Minsk, le 27 novembre 2020. Andrei Stasevich\TASS via Getty Images

Voici les cinq dirigeants qui ont le plus mal géré la Covid-19 dans leur pays

La pandémie n’est pas terminée, mais ces dirigeants sont déjà entrés dans l’histoire pour avoir échoué à combattre efficacement la Covid-19. Certains d’entre eux n’ont même pas vraiment essayé.
A Palestinian boy inspects his destroyed house after it was shelled by Israeli aircraft, Gaza, May 18, 2021. Ahmed Zakot/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Can the world stop Israel and Hamas from committing war crimes? 7 questions answered about international law

Both sides in the Israel-Hamas conflict may be violating the international laws that govern armed conflict. A legal scholar explains these rules – and whether anyone enforces them.
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visits a hospital for COVID-19 patients, unmasked, in Minsk on Nov. 27, 2020. Andrei Stasevich\TASS via Getty Images

World’s worst pandemic leaders: 5 presidents and prime ministers who badly mishandled COVID-19

The pandemic’s not over yet, but these world leaders have already cemented their place in history for failing to effectively combat the deadly coronavirus. Some of them didn’t even really try.


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