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Professor of Political Science, Indiana University

Regina Smyth is Professor of Political Science at Indiana University and a 2020-2021 Wilson Center Fellow. She studies the evolution of state-society relations and state responsiveness in autocratic and transitional regimes, focusing on elections, protest, and legislative decision-making. Her recent work explores social response to state initiatives or suddenly imposed grievances and the mechanisms of blame attribution in information autocracies. Her most recent book is Elections, Protest, and Autocratic Regime Stability: Russia 2008-2020 published by Cambridge University Press. Relying largely on original data collection, Smyth’s work has been published in the American Political Science Review, the Journal of Politics, Comparative Politics, Comparative Political Studies and Political Analysis. Smyth's working papers and her commentary can be found at her website:


  • 2007–present
    Professor, Indiana University


  • 1998 
    Duke Univeristy, PhD