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Lecturer in Criminology, University of Winchester

Brandon is an accomplished and experienced Educator, University Lecturer, and Higher Education Leader with extensive research expertise spanning the policing, defence, security, risk assessment, and emergency management sectors. His recent research focuses on the intricate dynamics and intricacies of human decision-making in complex, high-risk emergency response, security, and defence contexts. Additionally, he has explored the psychology of technological innovation in decision-making and human performance, aviation security and risk, and influence and strategic communications in security and defence domains. Brandon has applied his analytical, research, and subject matter expertise in the following areas:
Application and Efficacy of Technology in Emergency Response, Defence, and Security Contexts: Conducted research on the utilization and effectiveness of technology in various high-pressure environments to enhance emergency response, defence strategies, and overall security measures.
Victimology, Trauma, and Intersectionality: Investigated the intersection of victimology, trauma, and social identities, exploring the unique challenges faced by individuals who experience victimisation and the impact of intersecting identities.
Enhancing Intelligence Efficacy in Policing and Covert Contexts: Conducted research aimed at improving intelligence gathering and utilisation in the realm of policing, including covert operations, with a focus on enhancing operational effectiveness and strategic decision-making.
Development of Strategic Communication to Influence Human Behaviour in National Security and Health Contexts: Explored the development and implementation of strategic communication approaches to shape human behaviour in domains of national security and public health, considering the intricate interplay of communication strategies and desired outcomes.
Investigating and Managing Sexual Offence Behaviours: Conducted research on the etiology, assessment, and management of sexual offense behaviors, with a focus on developing effective intervention strategies and risk assessment models.
Police Investigative Interviewing and Interrogation: Explored the techniques, ethics, and effectiveness of police investigative interviewing and interrogation methods, seeking to enhance the quality and reliability of investigative processes.
Covert Intelligence Policing Practices: Conducted research into covert intelligence practices within the policing context, examining the strategies, challenges, and legal implications associated with intelligence gathering and covert operations.
Emergency Response Decision-Making: Explored the cognitive processes and decision-making strategies employed in high-stakes emergency response scenarios, aiming to optimize decision-making effectiveness and enhance operational outcomes.
Research Methodology and Social Science Analysis: Demonstrated expertise in research methodology and social science analysis, utilising a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate complex phenomena and generate insightful findings.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Criminology, University of Winchester


  • 2023 
    University of Portsmouth, PhD (complete in December 2023)