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University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is the university for sustainability and social justice. Established in 1840 by the Church of England, our high-quality teaching and research are underpinned by our values: compassion, individuals matter and spirituality.

Driven by a commitment to make a difference, the University has a growing reputation for research excellence and innovation across our academic disciplines, as we continue to deliver impact at regional, national and international level.

Our research themes are:

  • Understanding society, culture and the arts
  • Exploring the past and the world around us
  • Enhancing wellbeing, nurturing the individual, and
  • Building a sustainable and responsible future.

Pioneering work in sustainability and social responsibility has earned the University of Winchester a place in the top 100 of the first-ever global Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings, and placed second overall in the UK for Quality Education.


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Around the world 55 million people live with dementia. Researchers are still looking for answers on what causes it and how to treat it. Science Photo Library/Alamy Stock Photo

Unlocking new clues to how dementia and Alzheimer’s work in the brain – Uncharted Brain podcast series

The world’s longest running cohort study reveals risk factors for dementia. Families of athletes with early-onset dementia tell their stories. Could viruses cause Alzheimer’s? Listen to the Uncharted Brain: Decoding Dementia podcast series.
San Francisco 49ers running back Jeff Wilson Jr (centre) in action against Los Angeles Rams linebacker Leonard Floyd (left) and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald (right) an NFL game in California in 2022. EPA-EFE/JOHN G. MABANGLO

Sport-induced traumatic brain injury: families reveal the ‘hell’ of living with the condition

Researchers spoke to families of athletes who had suffered from traumatic brain injuries during their sporting careers.
Friendship, harmony and excellence have long been touted as the traditional Olympic values. How will 2021 reshape athletes’ ability to live up to them? dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Tokyo Olympics: winning could become about managing COVID stress

Competing in the Olympics is a career high. Excelling at these Games however will preclude much opportunity for friendship and connection and demand more than sporting excellence
Bubble life means spending time with different people, to aid psychological recovery, will not be an option for athletes in Tokyo. EVREN KALINBACAK / Alamy Stock Photo

Tokyo 2021: how COVID risks taking the fun out of the games

Strict enforcement of COVID-safe regulations in the Olympic Village could affect athletes’ mental health. Their performance could suffer too


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