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I received my PhD from the University of Adelaide on ‘Human myeloid differentiation antigens’, then spent 18 months at the IMVS examining cytokine control of histamine release. This was followed by postdoc training in Edinburgh on Ig v region use and apoptotic mechanisms of CLL cells, before joining Chris Parish’s lab at JCSMR, where I investigated control of lymphocyte migration amongst other things, and developed the CFSE cell division tracking methodology for which I am best known.
After Canberra, I was a Research Fellow in the Discipline of Pathology in Hobart, continuing work on splenic lymphocyte migration. I then returned to Adelaide to work on small molecule inhibitors of CML and their off-target immune effects at the IMVS. During this time I also managed a central flow and imaging facility in the IMVS/Hanson Institute. Prior to re-joining the School of Medicine in Tasmania, I led the in vivo mouse work for a vaccine adjuvant start up (Vaxine Ltd) based at Flinders University.
At UTAS, I have a balanced research and teaching position, and I have a leadership role for the Tasmanian devil immunology group with Emeritus Prof Greg Woods, with the primary aim of developing a vaccine for devil facial tumour disease (DFTD).
My UTAS profile can be found here;


  • 2019–present
    Associate Professor, University of Tasmania
  • 2008–2019
    Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania