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Carlos Celis-Morales

Research Associate, Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow

Carlos works at the BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Science at the University of Glasgow. He is currently part of two multicentre research studies. The "STAND-UP" study, funded by the Medical Research Council, aims to investigate whether reduced sitting time through regular bouts of non-sedentary activity improves cardio-metabolic and cognitive health in older adults from white European and South Asian ethnic backgrounds. This project is a collaboration between the Universities of Leicester, Loughborough, Bedfordshire and Glasgow. In addition, Carlos has recently joined the research group headed by Prof Jill Pell working on the UK Biobank. UK Biobank is a prospective, population cohort study of 502,000 participants designed to determine the lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that predispose to adult chronic diseases (

Carlos also works as an Honorary Research Associate at the Human Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle University. He is part of the Pan-European research study on personalised nutrition called "Food4Me - Personalised Nutrition: An integrated analysis of opportunities and challenges " which is funded by the European FP7 ( Food4Me delivered an Internet-based Randomized Controlled Trial on personalised nutrition in ~1600 adults from 7 European countries.

Carlos obtained his PhD at the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Science, University of Glasgow, UK. His PhD investigated the "Effect of Genes, Environment and Ethnicity on Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Aboriginal and Non-aboriginal South American Populations". As part of his fieldwork, Carlos spent several months collecting data in different isolated villages where traditional Aboriginal populations live, located mainly in the mountains and on the coast of South America. His PhD results have been presented at several conferences worldwide.


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    Research Associate, Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow