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Caroline F. Mansfield

Executive Dean, Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Theology, University of Notre Dame Australia

Professor Caroline Mansfield is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education, Philosophy and Theology at the University of Notre Dame Australia. As a passionate teacher educator, Caroline has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses regarding effective teaching and strategies to enhance student learning. Caroline’s research focuses on teacher resilience and the personal and contextual resources that enable teachers to maintain engagement, commitment and motivation, and thrive throughout their career. Furthermore, Caroline has a keen interest in how higher education programmes can prepare aspiring teachers to successfully manage the challenges of the teaching profession.

Caroline has led successful projects in the field of teacher resilience, namely Keeping Cool (2009-2012) and BRiTE: Building Resilience in Teacher Education ( (2013-2015). Completed in 2015, the five online learning modules developed in the BRiTE project are being widely used nationally by pre-service and practicing teachers, and have also attracted international users in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Caroline partnered in the European project, Enhancing Teacher Resilience in Europe (2013-2015), and has also worked with veterinarians in the project VetSet2Go: Building Veterinary Employability (2015-2017).

Caroline has received awards of excellence for research, teaching and service to the community. In 2016, she became an Australian Teaching and Learning Fellow, having won a National Teaching Fellowship to continue her work regarding resilience in higher education (


  • 2019–2022
    Professor, The University of Notre Dame Australia