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Catherine Montalto

Associate Professor of Consumer Sciences, The Ohio State University

Catherine P. Montalto is an associate professor of Consumer Sciences in the Department of Human Sciences at The Ohio State University. She earned a PhD in Consumer Economics from Cornell University. As a consumer economist, Montalto studies factors and processes affecting the economic status and financial security of households and individual household members. Her research trajectory includes collegiate financial wellness, consumer financial strategies related to education and health care, household saving behavior including retirement preparation and emergency savings, and individual time allocation including labor force participation behavior. Dr. Montalto’s research has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Economic Psychology, Financial Services Review, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Journal of Youth Studies, Journal of Financial Therapy, and Journal of College Student Retention.

College student financial wellness is Montalto's current research focus. She partnered in the collection of the 2010 Ohio Student Financial Wellness Survey (19 Ohio postsecondary institutions; nearly 5,800 students) and the 2014 National Student Financial Wellness Survey (52 postsecondary institutions; nearly 19,000 students). The purpose of both studies is to advance understanding of how student financial behaviors, stress, and experiences are related to student educational and career outcomes. The goal is to better understand how financial wellness affects the college experience and academic and career success. Our nation has experienced dramatic economic changes in recent years. The results of this continuing research will inform initiatives and interventions launched by colleges, universities, state governments, and federal government agencies in their efforts to assist current and future students achieve financial and personal success.


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    Associate Professor of Education, The Ohio State University