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Catrin F. Williams

Research Fellow, Cardiff University

I have multi-disciplinary research interests, from pure microbiology to physico-chemical techniques and microwave engineering. My work addresses important research themes, including antimicrobial resistance, biomedical imaging and bioelectromagnetics. The latter is the focus of my current Sêr Cymru II Fellowship (sponsored by the ERDF, Welsh Government and Cardiff University), where I am investigating fundamental interactions between microwave fields and biological systems. These include bioluminescence in the bacterium, Vibrio fischeri, calcium signalling in human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes, ‘suicide’ in cancer cells, and DNA release in hospital ‘superbugs’. Potential biomedical applications of this work include enhanced methods to treat and detect these diseases.

I am also a keen science communicator, media commentator and STEM ambassador.


  • –present
    Research Fellow, Cardiff University


  • 2013 
    Cardiff University, PhD