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Doctorada en Química Teórica, Universitat Jaume I

I obtained my B.Sc. (3 years) in Chemistry and my M.Sc (2 years) in Sustainable Chemistry and Technology at Ca' Foscari University (Venezia Mestre-VE, Italy). My B.Sc. thesis regarded the synthesis of carbene complexes of Au(III) while my M.Sc. thesis involved the synthesis, characterization and kinetics studies on Pd(0) complexes bearing bidentate ligands with a quinolinic structure. Both these two thesis were under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Fabiano Visentin and Prof. Dr. Luciano Canovese. In 2016 I joined University of Jaume I in Castellón de la Plana (Spain) for a short stay in the Organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis group (QOMCAT) at Institute of Advanced materials (INAM) in which I was involved in a supramolecular chemistry project. Then I started my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Jose Gracia (Magnetocat SL) always at University of Jaume I. My PhD project regards the computational investigation of magnetic solid catalysts for the production of clean energy (fuel cells). In June 2021 I started my work as junior theoretician at Magnetocat SL. I obtained my Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Castellón (24/02/2022) defending my thesis on "Electronic and Magnetic Factors in the Design of Optimum Catalysts for Hydrogen Fuel Cells".


  • –present
    Estudiante de Doctorado en Quimíca Teórica / Científica junior en MagnetoCat SL, Universitat Jaume I


  • 2014 
    Ca' Foscari Universidad de Venècia, Quimíca