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Lecturer in Psychology, Keele University

Ching-Yu Huang holds a PhD and a MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University Cambridge (King's College), a MSc in Applied Forensic Psychology from University of York and BSc in Psychology from National Taiwan University. She is currently a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Psychology at Keele University, and teaches on Forensic Psychology, Cultural Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

Dr. Huang is experienced in providing consultancy and trainings to legal professionals about investigative interviewing with children and ways to mitigate cognitive biases in investigation process.

Her research examines children's development in applied contexts, including within family, immigration and the forensic contexts.


  • 2019–present
    Lcturer, Keele University
  • 2017–2019
    Lecturer, Bournemouth University
  • 2015–2016
    Postdoctoral research fellow, Alliant International University
  • 2013–2014
    Postdoctoral research fellow, National Taiwan University


  • 2013 
    University of Cambridge, PhD
  • 2008 
    University of Cambridge, MPhil
  • 2007 
    University of York, MSc
  • 2006 
    National Taiwan University, BSc


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