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Professor of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management, Australian Catholic University

Chris Winder has passed away.

He worked in Toxicology since 1979, and in Occupational Health and Safety since 1985, specialising in occupational and environmental toxicology.

Since 2011, he was Professor in Toxicology and Occupational Health and Academic Coordinator, Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Programs at the Faculty of Business, Australian Catholic University.

In the area of research, he aimed to lead research activities that lead to a better understanding of the ways in which the principles of OHS management can be used to identify, assess and control hazards/risks (particularly hazardous chemicals) at work.

In research training, he supervised 11 PhDs and 3 Masters by research students, and over 120 Honours and Coursework Masters research projects.

He was editor in chief of the Journal of Health, Safety and Environment.

With colleagues Dr Amanda Hayes and Dr Shahnaz Bakhand, he established new in vitro methods to assess toxic chemicals at the air/cell interface in 2002-06, and was awarded the Australia Museum Eureka Award in 2006 for research that replaces the use of animals.

He was chair of the Standards Australia committee SF/1, developing standards for occupational health and safety management systems (AS/NZS 4804 and AS/NZS 4801). He was also formerly a community representative for public health on the National Industrial Chemicals Notification Assessment Scheme Community Consultative Committee and a technical expert on the Technical Advisory Panel of the National Pollutant Inventory.

He also conducted many consulting and advisory projects with organisations or individuals in chemicals manufacturing, construction, aviation, mining, waste management, transport and other industries. He was often called to give expert witness testimony in court proceedings in chemical related matters.

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