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Christophe McGlade

Research Associate, UCL

Christophe's research focuses on modelling the use of hydrocarbons in the future global energy system. He primarily works with the global integrated assessment model TIAM-UCL, but he has also developed a novel bottom-up oil field production model called BUEGO. This models the behaviour of oil production companies choosing to invest in new oil field projects, and, under different scenarios for oil demand, endogenously generates trajectories for the long-term oil price.

Recently he has been investigating the quantities and locations of ‘unburnable' fossil fuels. The greenhouse gas emissions which would be released by burning current reserves of coal, gas and oil vastly exceed the amount that provides an evens or better chance of keeping average temperature rises below agreed thresholds. His work therefore examines the geographical breakdown of the world’s fossil fuel reserves and resources that should remain unused in any transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Building on work examining the availability of unconventional gas resources undertaken for the European Commission, his research also includes examining the role that natural gas could play as a "bridging" fuel to a low-carbon energy system.

He recently completed his PhD that aimed to quantitatively characterise the uncertainties that have most influence on long-term projections of oil and gas production. This involved examining the resource availability of oil and gas, investments in and costs of extracting these resources, the role of technological progress in both cost reduction and resource appreciation, and the impact of geopolitical mandates or events.


  • –present
    Research Associate, University College London