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Christopher T. Migliaccio

Research Associate Professor in Toxicology, University of Montana

The focus of my research is the effects of environmental exposures on respiratory function and immunity. I have several ongoing projects that approach this field from different aspects. Currently the main focus is on the health effects of biomass and wildfire smoke. These studies combine laboratory (human, animal models, and in vitro experiments) and community research programs. With the community exposures, I have been able to combine with my clinical duties to establish a longitudinal study looking at the health effects of exposure to wildfire smoke. This project is a multidisciplinary, interprofessional collaboration that has included biomedical researchers, health professions students (pharmacy, nursing, social work), professional faculty (pharmacy, nursing, social work), and faculty from the school of public health. Additional laboratory studies are focused on particulate (silica, nanomaterials) effects in a mouse lung exposure model, as well as in vitro macrophage subset models.


  • –present
    Research Associate Professor in Toxicology, University of Montana Western