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University of Montana

Nestled in the heart of western Montana’s stunning natural landscape, the University of Montana (UM) is a place where top-tier students, educators and researchers from across the country and around the globe come and thrive. UM is located in Missoula, Montana’s second-largest city with a population of 80,000 residents. The University draws a diverse population to Missoula and helps cultivate an educated, engaged and vibrant community.

More than 10,000 students attend UM, where they receive a world-class education in a broad range of subjects that include the liberal arts, graduate and postdoctoral study and professional training. Signature programs include Wildlife Biology, Ecology, Creative Writing, Journalism, and the Health Sciences.


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The spinning wheel game ‘EO’ became popular after statutes banned gambling with devices featuring ‘numbers or figures.’ Heritage Art/Getty Images

How the 18th-century ‘probability revolution’ fueled the casino gambling craze

Early writers on probability had explained how the ‘house advantage’ didn’t need to be large for a gambling enterprise to profit enormously. But gamblers and gambling operators were slow to catch on.
Attendees at evangelist Franklin Graham’s ‘Decision America’ tour in Turlock, Calif., in 2018. The tour was to encourage Christians to vote. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How religion and politics will mix in 2024 – three trends to track

The 2024 elections may see a more intense end-times rhetoric, claims of divine support and a failure to condemn the rise in Christian nationalism, writes a religion scholar.
Two crystalline materials together: kyanite (blue) embedded in quartz (white). Photo 12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

How do crystals form?

There are a lot of myths about crystals − for example, that they are magical rocks with healing powers. An earth scientist explains some of their amazing true science.
Rocky Mountain fires leave telltale ash layers in nearby lakes like this one. Philip Higuera

What 2,500 years of wildfire evidence and the extreme fire seasons of 1910 and 2020 tell us about the future of fire in the West

As the climate warms, devastating fires are increasingly likely. The 2020 fires pushed the Southern Rockies beyond the historical average. Is there hope for the Northern Rockies?
Creativity involves generating something new – a product or solution that didn’t previously exist. Maestria_diz/iStock via Getty Images

AI scores in the top percentile of creative thinking

Researchers had college students and AI take a standardized test in creative thinking, and all of them were scored by trained evaluators who didn’t know in advance that some had been completed by AI.
Prévision de la localisation du panache d'aérosols provenant des mégafeux en cours au Canada pour mercredi 28 juin. Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)

Quels impacts les feux de forêt canadiens peuvent avoir sur la santé en Europe ?

Les fumées des mégafeux qui ravagent le Canada sont en train d’atteindre l’Europe et la France. Que contiennent ces panaches ? Leur composition varie-t-elle ? Et quel impact sur la santé ?
Ladang batu bara Jharia di India telah terbakar di bawah tanah sejak tahun 1916. Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket via Getty Images

Mengapa batuan tidak bisa terbakar?

Beberapa batuan akan terbakar, dan yang lainnya akan meleleh, tergantung pada bagaimana batuan itu terbentuk dan mineral apa yang dikandungnya.
El 6 de junio de 2023, el aire del estadio de los Yankees de Nueva York se cubrió de humo procedente de un incendio forestal en Canadá. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

El humo de los incendios forestales daña la salud, aunque el fuego esté a cientos de kilómetros

Los incendios de Canadá han propagado el humo por varios estados de EE. UU., dejando ciudades como Nueva York, Detroit y Denver con una de las peores calidades del aire del mundo, incluso lejos de las llamas.
The Jharia coal field in India has been on fire underground since 1916. Jonas Gratzer/LightRocket via Getty Images

Why don’t rocks burn?

Some rocks will burn, and others will melt, depending on how they were formed and what minerals they contain.
Hotter-burning fires and a warming climate make it harder for seedlings to survive. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The West’s iconic forests are increasingly struggling to recover from wildfires – altering how fires burn could boost their chances

Over 50 fire ecologists across the Western U.S. took an unprecedented look at how forests in thousands of locations are recovering from fire in a changing climate. The results were alarming.


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