Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University

Craig's areas of research fall under the banners of ‘Critical Social Psychology’ and ‘Critical Health Psychology’ and are underpinned by the use of a diverse range of qualitative methods. His primary research interest focuses on the performance of masculine identities in capoeira and Latin and ballroom dance classes. Craig's interest in this area developed due to the radical changes in gender relations in the UK, specifically the possible emergence of more progressive and inclusive masculinities that do not rely on homophobia, sexism or compulsory heterosexuality. To explore these emerging trends, he situated his PhD research in the historically feminized context of dance, and provided an in depth ethnographic account of how, by learning to dance, young men are able negotiate a range of complex discourses of masculinity and enact shifting identities.

Craig is currently collaborating on a series of new research projects that explore the performance of gender in a range of social contexts.


  • 2015–2018
    Dr, St. Mary's University