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Postdoctoral Researcher, Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory, University of South Australia

Dr Crystal Yates’s research focuses on the impact of sleep loss and circadian misalignment (interruption to the body’s daily rhythms) on shift workers. She specifically investigates how sleeping at non-standard times affects workers’ metabolism, food preference and perceived taste and cognitive performance. She is also researching what countermeasures could reduce the negative impact of night shifts on health and wellbeing, and her work is already showing that meal timing and the strategic use of caffeine are potentially practical ways for workers to minimise the negative health effects of night-work.


  • 2019–present
    Postdoctoral researcher, University of South Australia


  • 2019 
    University of South Australia, PhD
  • 2013 
    University of South Australia, Bachelor Health Sciences (honours)
  • 2012 
    University of South Australia, Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences