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Daniel Hoyer

Senior Researcher, Historian and Complexity Scientist, University of Toronto

Dan is an historian and complexity scientist. He is Senior Researcher and Project Manager of Seshat: Global History Databank.
He is also Affiliate Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, in the Social Complexity and Collapse Research Group, and Senior Researcher in the Social-AI lab at the University of Toronto.
His current research employs comparative historical and social scientific methods to explore the causes and limiting factors to economic growth, societal development, and general wellbeing.
In particular, he is interested in understanding the role of prosocial cultural traits in promoting equitable distribution of resources and limiting predatory activity in past societies.
He holds a PhD in Classics from New York University, where he studied economic and social development in the high Roman Empire.


  • 2022–present
    Associate research scientist, Complexity Science Hub
  • 2016–present
    Associate research scientist, Seshat: Global History Databank
  • 2022–present
    Associate research scientist, Social-AI Lab


  • 2014 
    New York University, PhD