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Honorary Research Associate at the Cyber Threats Research Centre, Swansea University

David Wells is an independent global security consultant worked with national, regional and international governments on a range of emerging terrorism and counter-terrorism challenges, including terrorist exploitation of technology, far-right violent extremism and the intersection between climate change and terrorism. He is also an Honorary Research Associate at Swansea University’s Cyber Threat’s Research Centre (CYTREC), and a non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute.

Previously, he spent five years as Head of Research and Analysis at the UN Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate in New York, managing the team responsible for monitoring terrorism and geopolitical trends for the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Security Council. David began his career coordinating investigations into international terrorist networks for GCHQ, the UK’s largest intelligence agency, has worked for multiple agencies in the Australian intelligence community, and has written for and collaborated with the leading research and academic institutions focused on counter-terrorism and CVE.