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Deep Jyoti Bhuyan

Research Fellow in Healthy Ageing at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University

I find the quote “the role of the infinitely small in nature is infinitely large” by Louis Pasteur immensely inspiring ever since my first introduction to science back in high school. This quote encapsulates the true essence of gut microbiome research. I am a Research Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University and my research is centred on understanding the role of the gut microbiome in the occurrence, treatment and prognosis of cancer to define gut-microbiota-focused therapeutic strategies. My research group is also investigating how natural bioactive compounds interact with standard drugs and how these interactions can be utilised in formulating novel treatment options for infectious diseases and cancer.
My PhD research at the University of Newcastle highlighted the therapeutic role of antioxidants from Australian Eucalyptus as anticancer agents for pancreatic malignancies. Before coming to Australia, I worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Assam Agricultural University on a National Agricultural Innovation Project funded by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. That project looked at the therapeutic benefits and probiotic activity of traditional North-East Indian rice beer. I have published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters in the areas of pharmacology, gut microbiome and cancer. My research has attracted several awards, grants and fellowships since 2011 including the NICM Health Research Institute (Western Sydney University) excellence as an Early Career Researcher award in 2020 and the Western Sydney University Research Support Program Fellowship in 2021.


  • 2021–present
    Research fellow, Western Sydney University
  • 2018–2021
    Postdoctoral research fellow, Western Sydney University
  • 2014–2018
    Part Time Lecturer, University of Newcastle
  • 2011–2013
    Senior research fellow, Assam Agricultural University


  • 2018 
    University of Newcastle, PhD in Food Science
  • 2010 
    VIT University, MSc Applied Microbiology
  • 2008 
    Bangalore University, BSc Biotechnology


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